Anti-Japan protest in China 2012

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US CIA Report says that the Senkaku Islands are indicated as Japanese territory in the map distributed to Chinese Red Guard, at the time of the Okinawa’s restoration to Japan.

I’ll need to find an original article about that in English, or translate by myself. AS Japan has kept mentioning, we are NOT a liar. Japan is easily misunderstood as our government doesn’t have a good diplomacy at all. Japan has been diffident of everything and it makes the Japanese people so annoyed. I always feel like I’d like to work for that instead. China, you know the islands aren’t yours. The Chinese people who don’t try to look for the truth, you guys should again remember why you guys aren’t permitted to be on the websites which people can write and read freely, why your country doesn’t allow you posting the fact of the Senkaku/Diayou Islands on internet in china. The blog articles about the truth of the territorial dispute between Japan and China by the Chinese people who tried to learn themselves were all deleted, right? It’s not normal.

**What the Japanese version of article says**




 報告書は、中国で文化大革命の担い手だった紅衛兵向けに66年に 刊行された地図を例に挙げ、「尖閣諸島は中国の国境外に位置しており、琉球(沖縄)列島、すなわち日本に属していることを示している」と指摘。67年8月 に北京で刊行された一般向け地図帳でも「尖閣諸島は琉球列島に含まれる」と表記されていると報告している。


  報告書は、「尖閣海域に埋蔵資源の存在が明らかになった後、中華民国が領有権を主張し、これに中国共産党政権が続いて問題を複雑化させた」と指摘。歴史的 にも国際法上も日本固有の領土であるとする日本の主張について「説得力があり、尖閣諸島の領有権の根拠を示す責任は中国側にある」とし、「尖閣諸島への中 国のいかなる行動も、米国を日本防衛に向かわせるだろう」と結論付けた。




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Chinese pulled up a car bonnet emblem from a Japanese car in Anti-Japan protest. Oh wait, it’s a…?

I guess he meant on the pic like “Yay, I made it! I just pulled up this emblem from a Japanese car Mitsubishi! >:( “

Oh what? Look at the pic. He did pull up a car emblem of "Mercedes-Benz" instead of Mitsubishi’s!!! :0 I’m sorry for you to make a mistake in robbing it. lol However what a poor owner of this Mercedes-Benz…I’m so sorry…

Mitsubishi’s car bonnet emblem is like this, by the way :

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Japanese mother is looking for the crazy Chinese rioters who attacked her and her little daugter

Japanese mother and daughter in a car were attacked by Chinese rioters in Xi’an, China on Sep15. She kept asking to not attack them but was ignored, her car was destroyed and her daughter went missing. Her daughter was found at night, but has could spoken nothing in fear and couldn’t have went to school. The mom’s looked for the those crazy rioters who attacked them by posting the photos taken by the witnesses on Chinese mini blog site called Weibo which is like Twitter. (Chinese language)

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